Construction Trades Training Jun 7, 2021 07:30 am - Jul 16, 2021 04:00 pm

Course Objectives are:

Carpentry Objectives:

- identify the career and entrepreneurial opportunities within the carpentry trade

- identify the skills, responsibilities and characteristics needed to be a successful carpenter

- summarize how to be connected to the industry through an organization like SkillsUSA

- explain the importance of safety in the construction industry, and describe the obligations of the contractor, subcontractors and you to ensure a safe work environment

HVAC Objectives:

- explain the basic principles of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration

- describe the principles that guide HVAC/ R installation and service techniques

- identify career paths available in the HVAC/ R trade

Electrical Objectives:

- identify the various sectors and trade options in the electrical industry

- understand the apprenticeship/ training process for electricians

- understand the responsibilities of the employee and employer

Welding Objectives:

- describe basic welding processes, the welding trade, and training/ apprenticeship programs

- identify and describe ear, eye, face and head protective gear

- identify and describe welding safety practices related to specific hazards or environments