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04 Oct, 2021

Basic Machining

  • Basic Machining CORE Training

    • Manufacturing Math
    • Precision Measurement
    • Blueprint Reading
    • Geometrical Dimensional Tolerances
    • Review
    • Hand Tools/ Machine Shop Safety
    • Cutting Tools Geometry
    • Review

    Machining Fundamentals Training

    • Cutting Speeds
    • Cutting Feeds
    • Tooling purpose and identity
    • Operational/Process Planning
    • Review
    • Lathe Orientation / Safety
    • Lathe Maintenance
    • Lathe Parts
    • Lathe Accessories
    • Indicating 4-Jaw Chuck/Review
    • Mill Orientation / Safety
    • Mill Maintenance & Parts
    • Accessories
    • Head Alignment
    • Vise Alignment

    Trainees who successfully complete the Machining Fundamentals Training will receive a Machining Certificate and will be the first to be selected for review by our partnering companies.

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26 Oct, 2021

OSHA 10-Hour

  • This training program is intended to provide entry-level general industry workers information about employees' rights and employer responsibilities.  The training covers a variety of general industry safety and health hazards, which a worker may encounter.

  • Course Objective

    The Participants will:

    • Learn the proper way to file a complaint
    • Identify hazardous conditions in the workplace
    • Learn how to identify, abate, avoid, and prevent job-related hazards
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