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Jun 6, 2022 - Jul 22, 2022

2022 AWTC Summer Construction Trades Program

Location: AWTC Category: Public Trade Training

This is a 6-weeks program. There will be no classes on June 20th or during the week of July 4th. 

Event Capacity: 275 Spots: 0
Jul 11, 2022 - Jul 14, 2022

Hydraulics Fundamentals

Location: AWTC Category: Manufacturing Technology Training
  • Registration for this course ends onJune 9th,2022 at 4:00 pm 

Masks are required for entry and while present in the facility. 

This 40-hour course covers the basic fundamentals of hydraulics, hydraulics safety and hydraulics troubleshooting. Participants will be introduced to hydraulics system components and taught the proper and safe way to setup and effectively and efficiently troubleshoot these components.

  • Course Prerequisite

Basic Pneumatics Training

Event Capacity: 5 Spots: 5
Jul 12, 2022

Leadership Skills - 2- (IN PERSON SESSION)

Attendees must complete Leadership Development Skills, Level 1, before attending Level 2.

Event Capacity: 25 Spots: 14
Jul 18, 2022

ARC Flash

Event Capacity: 5 Spots: 5
Jul 19, 2022

Forklift Training

Location: AWTC Category: Manufacturing Technology Training
  • This is an eight-hour class consisting of four hours of classroom instruction and four hours of hands on instruction.  The classroom portion covers the following topics:
    • Lift truck Fundamentals
    • Stabiity, Balance,  Capacity
    • Preoperational Inspection
    • General Rules of the Road
    • Safe Load Handling Techniques
    • Refueling Gasoline, Diesel, and LP Lift Trucks
    • battery Charging and Changing

There is a written exam at the end of the classroom session.

The hands-on portion will involve pre-operational checks, followed by two circuits of the obstacle course without any major infractions.  A major infraction requires the trainee to complete the course a third time.  The hands-on portion will be done on a LP powered lift truck.

Event Capacity: 10 Spots: 9
Jul 20, 2022 - Jul 21, 2022


Event Capacity: 10 Spots: 10
Jul 20, 2022

Blueprint Reading

Event Capacity: 10 Spots: 10
Jul 25, 2022 - Jul 28, 2022

Basic Electrical

Location: AWTC Category: Manufacturing Technology Training
Event Capacity: 10 Spots: 10
Aug 11, 2022

Leadership Skills - 3- (IN PERSON SESSION)

Attendees must complete Leadership Development Skills, Level II, before attending Level III.

Event Capacity: 25 Spots: 23