Leadership Development Skills, Level 2

Leadership Development Skills, Level 2
  • Leadership Development Training program introduces Team Leaders Supervisors, and Managers to effective leadership responsibilities, communication skills, teamwork, and motivation techniques. This one day course will focus on skills that all leaders need to be effective. All course materials, breaks, and lunch for each of the two days are provided.  Attendees must be present both days and pass a written exam at the end of the course presentations to successfully complete the requirement of the course.

    Attendees must complete Leadership Development Skills, Level 1, before attending Level 2.

  • Course Objective


    Personal Style Inventory

    • Identifying Your Personal Style
    • Your Style and Patterns of Behavior
    • Developing More Satisfying Relationships

    Ethics of Business

    • Ethics Defined
    • Guidelines for Determining Ethical Behavior
    • The Supervisor's Role in Ethics
    • Handling Ethical Dilemmas

    Time Management

    • What is Time Management
    • Eliminating Time Wasters
    • Learning to Set Goals

    Stress Management

    • Causes and Symptoms
    • Coping Strategies

    Continuous Improvement Overview

    • Benefits
    • 7 Forms of Waste
    • PDCA
    • 5S Philosophy
    • Ergonomics
    • Process Stability

    Steps to Improved Communication

    • Communicating Non-Defensively
    • Giving Correct Feedback

    Performance Appraisals

    • Supervisor's Role
    • Effective Performance Appraisal Tips

    Conflict Management

    • Causes of Workplace Conflict
    • Dealing with Problem Employees
    • Conflict Handing Styles

    Coaching Your Way to Success

  • Course Prerequisite
    Leadership Development Skills, Level 1
  • Course Length
    1 day
  • Max Attendee
  • Minimum Attendee
  • Certification Offered
  • Pass/Fail