Admin Instructions

The 'How to Manage the Website' page is designed to give you step-by-step instructions on the various areas of the website. 


Backend Activities

If you need to add additional administrative staff to the website, please log into the backend of the website. ( Log in using your login information from the frontend of the website. 

( Admin Login popup )

Once you have entered your username and password, click the Login button. You will be taken to the Control Panel. (see below) 

( Control Panel )

From the Control Panel, you can conduct the following actions: 

  1. Add/Edit a User
  2. Add/Edit a News Article
  3. Add graphics in the Media Manager
  4. Add/Edit Course Events
  5. Add a new course description
  6. Add/Edit Student Registration Info
  7. Approve New Registering Clients
  8. Retrieve Tour Request Information
1. Adding/Editing a User

Individuals who are working the AWTC as staff should be entered as users from the backend. To accomplish this, click on "User Manager" from the left menu bar. You can also get to the same location by clicking on "Users" in the menu bar, Users Managers, and then click on Add new user.  Click on the green New button. new