Facility Use

AWTC Facility Use Form

The Alabama Workforce Training Center is proud to offer the use of our facilities to the community for educational, business, and industrial activitity only, and adhere to the AWTC Policy for facility use (See Policy).  Permission to use the facility may be denied based on a belief that the activity proposed may not be in the facilities interest, or due to the level of previously scheduled use. No person shall be denied the full enjoyment of the facilities because of race, creed, color, sex, or origin.

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How Can I Use The Facility

You or your company may use the AWTC facility if your event...

  • Supports Economic Development/Workforce Development activities
  • Supports the training programs and mission of the AWTC
  • Advances the interest of the AWTC
  • Benefits trainee/students at the AWTC
  • Promotes the general visbility of the AWTC, bring favorable notice or publicity
  • Promotesthe relationship of the AWTC with existing and potential vendors, customers, industries, businesses, and/or trainees
  • Provides opportunity for community outreach; or
  • Representsan opportunity for business and industrial enhancement.